Where is the Fynn Valley?

The River Fynn is North East of Ipswich, stretching from it's source near Clay Lane North East of Henley (1) through to where it joins the River Deben at Kyson Point (8).  The "Fynn Valley" is often thought of as the very picturesque region of the River from Witnesham (2), where the river winds between the gentle hills of Tuddenham (3), Playford (4), and Little Bealings (5), through the confluence of the River Fynn and The River Lark (6), flowing into Martlesham Creek (7) and on to Kyson Point (8).

The Valley can more clearly be seen in a terrain map of the typical area of our walks, which shows the river finding it's way between the gentle hills south of Playford and Little Bealings:

Our Wednesday, circular walks all start Little Bealings Church, which sits on the Fynn Valley Path  towards the Centre of the Fynn Valley. We venture out in all different directions offering some varied and beautiful scenery. This ranges from panoramic views from the hills, to watery woodland, to lush pastures, extensive paddocks, and breathtaking estauary views. Our typical weekly walks would cover around 4 miles- broadly in the areas of Little & Great Bealings, Playford, Culpho, Carlford, Martlesham, and Milsolms on the map above. We sometimts extend to Tuddenham or Woodbridge on our longer Weekend Specials of 6-9 miles.

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