Funding Crisis- SoS !

Our church relies on the time and funds provided by our volunteers and supporters.

As a Parish Church, we receive no funding from the Church of England and we pay all of our running costs ourselves.

Despite all the great things we are doing, we are very short of funds for our running costs which are around £14K per year, to cover our rising utility bills and our "Parish Share" which supports our priest and ministry work. 


Ways to Donate

We very much appreciate your donations, thank you for all of your help!

We have four main ways that you can donate.

1. We recommended regular giving using the Parish Giving Scheme

This sets up a regular monthly payment to us and if you are a taxpayer we automatically claim an extra 25% from HMRC at no cost to you.  All giving made this way goes to ministry work and our essential running costs to keep the church open*

You can sign up here:

Parish Giving Scheme for All Saints Little Bealings

2. A regular standing order to our general account

 Our general account is Barclays Account "All Saints Church Little Bealings":

Sort Code 20-98-07  Account Number 10583898.

If you pay tax, please also complete our Gift Aid Declaration so we can claim a further 25% from HMRC at no cost to you. 

It helps us if you use a payment reference to help identify your donation e.g. "J Bloggs Reg Bills" would mean that we would claim gift aid for J Bloggs and also restrict the donation to payment of regular bills. Just "J Bloggs" would mean we would claim gift aid and apply your donation to our general running costs including bills and ministry work, running costs, and maintenance (see right).

3. A one off donation by bank transfer.

Please follow instructions in 2 but for a one off payment.

4. By donating in church or at a service

For example using collection bags/bowl/card payment machine at a service, or at a donation point any time the church is open. 

Any  "loose collection" payment of £30 or under enables us to claim 25% tax back from HMRC up to a maximum threshold, even if you are not a taxpayer, using the HMRC Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme. All loose collection goes to our general running costs including bills, ministry work and maintenance (see right). 

*We define Ministry Work as the cost of our parish share to keep our vicar (see more right) and also ministry materials costs (such as communion wine/wafers, candles, etc.).  Essential running costs to keep our church open are simpy utility bills, insurance, safety inspections of gas/electric/fire extinguishers, and boiler servicing. If you have any queries, or you wish to specify exactly where your donation should go, please contact, 07857 838678

Our Challenge

In 2022 we are in a situation where we have used up our savings and we are down to our reserve. We need £14K to pay for this years basic running costs of utility bills + ministry, and we have so far only raised £2500 including the proceeds from our wonderful Flower Festival. At present, Giving simply isn't enough to keep the church open. 

Our shortfall is £11.5K to raise before December (as of July 2022).

This £14K is made up of: 

  • Our "Parish share" is £10K, which pays for our vicar and provides all essential training for our voluntary workers (safeguarding, pastoral care, etc). 
  • Our bills are estimated at 4K (oil for heating, insurance electicity, water, connectivity, servicing & safety testing appliances)
  • This doesn't include maintenance costs which are additional
  • Note that no regular giving goes towards the refurbishing projects, which are all paid for by specific external grants and donations- these are restricted funds for a specific purpose which we can't use for running costs. 

Any way in which you could help us to meet this financial challenge would be very much appreciated.

Without this we could lose our vicar and face possible closure.

If you have any queries on giving please contact, 07857 838678